Wheter you are an expert sailor looking for a more comfortable ride than the raceboards but similar performance, or a beginner working on your waterstarts, the Widestyle series offer a great range of sailing for a great range of sailors. We took what we had learn't from our winning race baords over the years in the early planning, speed and upwind ability, then designed in some great handling features. We now have a great set of "no nonsense go to the beach and go sailing" boards. Easy and fun.

Intermediate to expert sailors looking for close to Race series performance characteristics, but better handling. Any beginner and intermediate sailor wanting to just have fun on a board blasting around or improve their sailing ability regardless of the current level. 

- No nonsense, "go to the beach and go sailing" boards
- Early planing characteristics
- Easy to gybe and control
- Very light
- Super strong  (1 year warranty)
- Gore Tex Air vent


Length Width Volume Weight
8'10" 270 cm 24" 61 cm 124 liters 6.3 kg
9'0" 275 cm 26" 66 cm 138 liters 6.9 kg
9'2" 280 cm 28" 71 cm 150 liters 7.4 kg
9'4" 285 cm 30" 76 cm 162 liters 7.9 kg


Accessories: - Footpads
- Da Kine Straps 
- Matching Widestyle Fin

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