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2002 Event

Carbon Art is proud to be the main sponsor of this event, drawing more than 65 competitors for the second year, making it one of the most popular wavesailing events in the Southern hemisphere !,

 Taranaki Wave Classic 2003

The 2003 event, having taken place on October 24th to 26th 2003 was again a full success, with conditions even better than last year. Once again, Taranaki produced worldclass wavesailing conditions resulting in a very good, fun comp.
This year, there was again an Australian contingent of 5 sailors, this year led by PWA pro Greg "Grubby" Allaway. There was also entries from Holland and France.

There were more spotprizes than ever, congratulations to PETE SMITH from Auckland who won the brandnew CARBON ART 8'0 waveboard spotprize !!!
Further lucky competitors winning brand new sails were Mike Hood from Wellington, James Thomas from Wellington and Daryl Jones from Auckland. Congratulations !

Top Taranaki sailor Pete Hesselgrave
Pic (c) by Dave McPhee

Aussi pro "Grubby" Allaway goitering
Pic (c) by Dave McPhee

A big thanks to all sponsors who put a big effort in, especially Chris Brown from DEEPFRIED TV, who manages the complete Event Website and did all the filming.



1. Greg Alloway, Australia
2. Neil Piebenga, Taranaki, NZ
3. Quentin Bye, Australia
4. Luke Johnson, Australia
5. Pete Hesselgrave, Taranaki, NZ
6. James Court, Wellington, NZ
7. Chris Norris, Wellington, NZ
8. Clayton Dougan, Wellington, NZ
9. Tony Knussen, Auckland, NZ
10. Gary McCorry, Wellington, NZ


1. Simone Hollenstein, Wellington, NZ
2. Alex Burnett, Auckland, NZ
3. Bronwyn Ward, Wellington, NZ

"Grubyy" Alloway
Pic (c) by Dave McPhee

J James Court from Wellington Pushlooping
Pic (c) by Dave McPhee

We are looking forward to the 2004 event which will take place again in October 2004. Please watch this space for announcments.

Event T-Shirts can be bought for NZD 40.00 from James Dinnis @ Carbonart, please send a cheque.
The official Event website is here: www.taranakiwaveclassic.com

2002 Event DVD's can be orders directly by Deepfried. The 2003 DVD should be available soon ! Go here

Simone Hollenstein (left) and Woo Norris (right)
Pic (c) by Dave McPhee


Taranaki Wave Classic 2002

"A big thanks to the Australian crew, making ot over this year for the 2002 event. It was great having you around, we hope you will be back next year !"

Winner of Carbon Art 8'3 Waveboard :  Mick Westra, Australia 

Overall 2nd, Clayton Dougan, 

Australian pro sailor Ben Severne in the finals

Please also check out the official Event website here:
Carl Doran's australian Expression session experience: here:

Highlights:  (report by Simone Hollenstein, Wellington Windsurfers)

What a fantastic event this was! Although the wind was up and down during the majority of event days, it was enough to provide 2 solid days of competition for the participants. The first day of competition took place at Waitara in a gusty 15 kn SW with some nice swells rolling through. The large contingent of Australian sailors, seemingly used to porttack, were pulling off nice jumps (pushloops, frontloops, backloops) and were generally ripping hard. Highlights of the day included some very impressive pushloops by Australian pro sailor Ben Severne and a mid air collision between two sailors, one trying to backloop, the other doing a forward. Luckily there was no carnage. A few hours later, Craig Mc Creary, planted his Jetski directly into the beach in an insane stunt, resulting in a trip to the hospital with a bruised hip.
Day 2 (Sunday) allowed for a second elimination expression session, as well as the final "Supersession" containing the overall 10 best sailors of any previous sailing. Kina Rd was the call of the day, with a light, gusty N and mid sized swell. Definitely not epic, but good enough for a competition and it is to be said that the large numbers of good sailors out there were really making the average conditions look bloody good. Overall, it was the day of the Wellingtonians, clearly feeling at home on starbord tack, resulting in a good number of overall top placings in the mens as well as the womens category.

In the women's category, Bronwyn Ward sailed very well during the whole competition and lost marginal to Simone Hollenstein, (both NZ - Wellington)

The event finished off with a party at Butler's Cafe&Bar in Oakura on Sunday night. There was a big screen video recap of the weekend's sailing by Chris Brown and a BBQ as well as two live bands who were really making the place alive. The atmosphere was great, culminating in the traditional spotprize give away. This time it was a lucky dude called George from Australia taking away a brand spanking new Carbon Art waveboard. Further noticeable prizes were a Hot Sail, a boom, harness and so on. Everyone was pretty stoked and in a nutshell, the event was bigger and better than in previous years, with everyone looking forward to doing it all over again next year.


1. Dan Berry              (Australia)
2. Clayton Dougan      (NZ - Wellington)
3. Chris Norris            (NZ - Wellington)
4. Ben Serverne         (Australia)
5. James Court           (NZ - Wellington)
6. Quentin Bye            (Australia)
7. Aaron Constable      (Australia)
8. Daryn Jones            (NZ - Auckland)
9. Geoff Sutton            (Australia)
10. Trent Petersen       (NZ - Auckland)

1. Simone Hollenstein   (NZ - Wellington)
2. Bronwyn Ward         (NZ - Wellington)
3. Shona Lee               (NZ - Taranaki)

Clayton Dougan, Backloop, Kina Rd.

Overall winner, Dan Berry with a retro move, the classic cheeseroll, Kina Rd. 

3rd placed Woo Norris, Wellington, looping at Kina Rd. in the


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