Testpilot Craig "Grumsy" Rumbal / Taranaki

Due for official release in September is the latest product from CARBON ART:

Carbon Epoxy Sandwich Surfboards.

We have joined forces with some of NZ's top shapers, including Taranaki based Dave Mason, and will be offering his shapes in the lightest and strongest construction on the market.
We use an extremly lightweight blank, which is wrapped in a high density closed cell pvc foam, using a combination of carbon fiber, glass fiber and epoxy resin. This results in a tough outer shell, which is then laminated in the conventional manner using specific toughened resins. We then sand and paint using a lightweight marine paint system.
We are also pleased to feature Dave Mason, Craig (Grumsy) Rumbal, Jess Terrill and Pat Hickey as our "Test Pilots" who will bring valuable feedback into our R&D process.


Carbon sandwich technology. By spacing laminates apart using a 3mm/100kgm3 foam sandwich (compared to50kgm3in standard surfboards) you get 300% more tensile and compressive strength.

Our standard 6'3" weighs in at 5.25 lbs!! Compare to 6.5lbs.

Adjustable moulds
are used to control the rocker during the vacuming bagging process, these gaurantee replica and are adjustable for different models and custom designs

6'8"x 18.5" Round Pin

6'8" x 18.5" Indo Gun

Check out some pictures of "Testpilot" Craig (Grumsy) Rumbal on his new 6'0" x 18" below.

Here's what Grumsy texted to Dave M. after testing his new 6'0":

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