Name: James Dinnis
Age: 34
Lives in: Taranaki, New Zealand
Years shaping:: 13 years professional windsurfboard builder
Years sailing: 23

James Dinnis is not only one of the most recognized shapers worldwide, he has also a reputation of being one of New Zealand's top wavesailors as well as course racing specialists which he has proven by winning the 2001 Course Racing Nationals. His own sailing and craftmanship ability are the cornerstone of the superior performance of his own shapes, giving him a superior understanding of what works and what doesn't work, making Carbon Art a much more efficient board building and testing facility in comparison to most shapers who need to rely on feedback from other sailors, who may have very varied abilities on testing a board and providing precise feedback.

Here is James' story firsthand:

"I first tried windsurfing back in 1981 in the UK where I grew up. For the last 20 years, windsurfing has been at the center of my life. I came to NZ in 1989 and pretty much ended up staying, except between '92 and '95 when I based myself on Maui shaping and building boards for some of the leading world cup sailors. This was an amazing experience where I learnt what it takes to make that magic winning board. In 1995 Carbon Art was born and for the next few years I travelled between Maui and NZ to further develop and test my board ranges. Carbon Art is based in Taranaki, New Zealand's wind and wave mecca which gives me the oppourtunity to sail, test and improve board designs on a year round basis."



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