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2005 producr range


This construction is leading edge, state of the art technology developed by Carbon Art on our windsurf boards over the last 12 years, to provide the lightest and strongest construction on the market.

The core is a lightweight styrene foam (16kg/m3) compared to a urethane foam @ 50 kg/m3. Then board is then fully wrapped with a high density 100kgm3 closed cell PVC foam using a laminate of carbon and glass fibber with epoxy resin.

The next stage is the laminate the outer skin in a conventional manner using toughened epoxy resin and glass fibre
Finally the board is hand sanded and painted using a marine painting system allowing any color of your choice.


100kg PVC foam compared to 50kg urethane!
Carbon sandwich technology, by spacing the two laminates 3mm apart you get 300% more tensile and comprehensive strength.

Out standard construction 6’3” weights in at 5.25lbs!

More Accurate

Due to the vacuum pressure used, we have to use rocker tables to control the rocker and eliminate twist, which guarantees replicas or have changes made using existing benchmark.


The standard Carbon Art 12-month warranty applies!





Flat water fish

6' 2"
20 1/4"
2 1/4"

No Mess Harry

6'11" 19 5/8" 2 1/4"

Brewer inspired tommy gun

7'4" 20 1/4" 2 1/4"

Classic trim performance mal

9'2" 22" 2 1/2"



Surf Board Range Pricing

6’2” Flat water fish

NZ $1400.00 (inc. gst)*

7’1” No Mess Harry

NZ $1400.00 (inc. gst)*

7’4” Brewer inspired tommy gun

NZ $1600.00 (inc. gst)*

9’2” Classic trim performance mal

NZ $1900.00 (inc. gst)*

plus freight for delivery outside New Zealand*

*Free delivery within New Zealand.

For delivery to major international airports in Australia, the South Pacific, Japan and China, add NZ$50 freight.

For delivery to major international airports in Europe and the US, add NZ$250 freight. Ask us for door-to-door rates or for freight prices to other destinations. Please note that you may also be charged local taxes or duties on delivery.


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