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Carbon Art announce a move to CNC (computer numerical control) board shapingRSS Feed


Carbon Art are leading the world in producing a production range of boards utilising the advantages of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the precision shaping advantages of Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM), while still retaining the perfect finish only available through skilled hand finishing.

Carbon Art have been utilizing 3-D CAD technology for a number of years and are now extending this leading edge approach to manufacturing. Unlike other manufacturers who use CAD / CAM only in the design phases, Carbon Art employs precision manufacturing techniques from design to delivery. This latest development further emphasises Carbon Art's position as an industry leader with a proven reputation for designing and producing precision windsurf boards.

James Dinnis, the Carbon Art board designer, has some interesting comments regarding the brands recent move to CAM shaping technology.

"I am stoked by the smoothness and accuracy of the shapes coming off the shaping machine. The 3-D computer design software I have been using allows me to ensure every transition is completely smooth and fair. The CNC shaping ensures these perfectly smooth lines flow through the manufacturing process.

Another big advantage to machine shaping is the time not spent mowing foam. This allows me to spend more time on design and testing, resulting in faster progression of our shapes. The shaping machine will also increase the number of boards we can produce each month to keep up with increasing demand.

We have been growing in a challenging market as, unlike competitors who don't manage or own their own production, we can guarantee that the board we design will be the same as the board our customers receive.

We are beginning the CNC shaping process with the speed and slalom board ranges first. The wave and free ride product lines will follow. The CNC technology improves on our existing fine tolerances and high tech construction process, meaning the 2009 range will be the best yet."

Carbon Art's precision boards will still be constructed using their renowned high strength, low weight laminate that riders are familiar with, and the boards will be finished by hand to ensure the blemish free surface Carbon Art are known for.