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The annual Sandy Point speed fortnight turned on this year with plenty of wind and a great turnout of 34 people from all over Australia. The gathering was run as an unofficial event using GPS devices for speed measurement. Chris Lockwood won the event with a best 5x10 second average of 45.479 knots. Pierre Milutin finished in 5th place on the Carbon Art SP44, with his best ever 5 x 10second average of 41.271kts.

Friday the 12th of October was the best day of the event for speed. Peaking at over 48 knots, Lockwood's GPS recorded a 500m speed of 47.6 knots on the Carbon Art SP44. This unofficial run is the second fastest 500m time ever recorded by a sailboard, and the fastest sailing time recorded in Australia.

"It was great to get back to Sandy Pt again. We had plenty of wind for the gathering but not always in the ideal direction. It was still damn fast when the locals couldn't be bothered! The best day was the last Friday of the event. It was a steady 20-30kts so comfortably powered up on the 5.8m. A great rain squall came through and provided a steady gust in the high 30s to barrel down the sandbar. I did my fastest ever run using a 5.8m sail on the SP44. It felt incredible. I was having so much fun I didn't notice the heavy rain and hailstones!"

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The next event at Sandy Pt starts on the 5th of November. See for details.