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James Dinnis - Pungarehu 9.4.2002



2005 Taranaki Wave Classic.

Event dates are 22-25 October.

This years event is taking place at the same locations along the Taranaki coast.

Check out www.taranakiwaveclassic.com for more details, and don't forget to sign upto the TWC newswire.


16.08.2004 2005 Carbon Art Windsurf Range

The new specs for the 2005 Carbon Art Windsurf board range are now available.

Stay tuned for the website upgrade in October for the full detials on all the 2005 products.


Carbon Art SURF - Launch Sep 2004

Due for official launch in September 2004, Carbon Art will be offering proven shapes by renowned Taranaki shaper Dave Mason in the strongest and lightest construction currently on the market. Click here for details.

8.10.2003 Carbon Art Taranaki Wave Classic
2003 went off !

Please visit our TWC specific page for reports, news and pictures click here


Available from Deepfried Productions, you can now get the full length TWC movie in DVD for only NZD 39.95.  Go here for more details and how to order !


18.07.2003 All Forms on our website are now working again, we appologise for inconveniance !

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02.07.2003 Carbonart setting up new retail windsurf outlet in Taranaki !

Carbon Art is pleased to announce it will be opening a retail outlet in Taranaki in alliance with Pt Chev Sailboards and Tamaki Sailboards of Auckland. We will be offering new as well as second hand equipment, plus hire/instruction services from entry to advanced. More details next month!!"

01.06.2003 New factory operational !

Carbonart has now moved to the new purpose built board building factory in Okato. The new factory represents a major upgrade in terms of efficiency, which will reduce waiting times for new board orders, and will allow Carbonart to comply with the increased demand for Carbonart boards on a national as well as international basis.

20.01.2003 Happy new year to all !

Summer is here ! Taranaki has been offering some good windsurfing and surfing conditions over the last few weeks, allowing for some good testing time on the water. Our new, more efficient factory is near completion !! Happy sailing ! 

30.10.2002 Action at  the Taranaki Wave Classic 2002 !!!

The event, sponsored by Carbon Art, was a full succes, having taken part 25. - 28. October 2002. The conditions weren't epic, but the action and atmosphere was outstanding. Read more on our special page, by going here.


23.9.2002 CARBON ART 2003 RANGE OUT !

We have spent heaps of time designing and finetuning the 2003 board range, which we are now happy to present. There have been improvements made to all shapes from the 2002 range plus an introduction of some awesome new ones. We are also happy to announce that due to some bulk purchase of materials we are now able to drop the pricing of the boards by nearly 300 NZD on some models. !  Check Products page for details



1 CARBON ART WAVEBOARD up for grabs !!!!!

Get all hyped up for the major waveevent of this year. The Taranaki Wave Classic will take place from 25.10.02-28.10.02. It will be bigger and better, a huge expression session with lots of spotprizes, a weekend of major fun up in Taranaki. We expect to see you in Taranaki, wheter you are a beginner wavesailor or a pro !
Details will follow, you can also check the official event site on www.taranakiwaveclassic.com, which is now operational. 

11.4.2002 CARBON ART FISH 
Looking for a waveboard which excels in lighter winds and smaller waves ? 
The 7'10 (240 cm) Carbon Art Fish is perfect for smaller waves where tight, snappy turns are required to make the most of the waves at hand, whilst still retaining that classic front foot carving style. Due to a combination of outline and rocker curve in the last part of the tail, the Fish boards allow the sailor to load the back foot during the second half of the turn, resulting in a shorter turning radius and hence putting you exactly where you want to be!
The Fish boards work well in anything from high wind freestyle/flat water to half to logo waves.
See also Waveseries
The main advantages of the FISH boards in smaller waves are:
· Shorter length = Lower swing weight
· Wider nose = More surface area to climb onto whitewater, which is great when doing floaters etc.
· More aggressive back to front foot transition = Quicker completion of turns.
Deriving from the standard STYLE series, we have developed an extreme Freestyle board, for the specialist freestyle sailor on flat water. In comparison to our standard STYLE series, this board has a rounder outline, a fuller nose and slightly different rails. The bottom shape incorporates a concave nose section running to flat under the masttrack, and to a V in the tail. The board is just above 5.5 kg's, with super early planing ability and easy release.

The 8'2 Freestyle Extreme is 250 cm long, 59 cm wide and is designed for awesome flatwater Freestyle performance with sails from 5.0 to 6.5.

Unfortunately, the conditions did not allow for a proper expression session on the weekend of the 16.-18. November. Everyone still had a good time, and the party/BBQ on Saturday night was well attended. The brandnew Carbon Art waveboard went to Peter Scriven from Queenstown. 40 entries shows that the Carbon Art Expression session is a rather popular event in New Zealand and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone again in 2002 !



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17.9.2001 - CARBON ART LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE with updated 2002 product range.

- LATEST CUSTOM FEATURE ON WAVEBOARDS:   - "REVERSE VEE", which has vee forward of the mast track to help initiate turns and provide a little release on the forward rails, then the flat rear section gives much quicker rail to rail time. This all results in tighter snappier turns - great for softer or more shoulderier waves. This option is available now on all WAVE and WAVE XS models. 


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