Welcome to the FAQ section, which contains answers to our most frequently received questions. Should you still have further questions after reading below, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].

Q: What exactly does the 1 year warranty cover ?
A: We provide a full 1 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship on all boards, from the date of purchase, or for international orders, from date of delivery. Should in an unlikely event your board break during the first 12 months of usage, we will replace one board at our full costs. The customer is entitled to one replacement board only. 
The warranty does not cover obvious mistakes and mistreating of board by the sailor. This means you will get a warranty replacement if you snap your board after landing a big forward loop, but you will not get a replacement board if you are a slalom sailor and you get massively catapulted, slamming your frontend of the boom into the nose of the board. 
National clients return the broken board to the point of purchase, international clients must notify Carbon Art as soon as possible and provide photographs of damaged area and serial number. If you are entitled to a warranty board, we will ship a new board to your home address at our full costs. 
Q: How will my order be processed ?
A: All orders get processed immediately. The boards are pre-shaped and usually in stock. Once we receive an order, we immediately get back to the client to confirm the order, the pricing and the payment details. Once payment has been completed by the client, the board will leave the factory. Carbon Art usually can complete and ship the board within 2 - 3 weeks of order entry.
Q: How long does it take for the board to leave the factory, and how long does the courier take ?
A: Boards are usually completed and shipped within 2 weeks. International courier takes between 4 and 7 days.
Q: How is my board insured ?
A: Each board is 100 % insured by the courier company, Carbon Art pays for those costs.
Q: What happens if my board is damanged by the courier ?
A: The client must check the board upon delivery by the courier. If a damage is visible, the client must inform the courier company and Carbon Art as soon as possible. We will then arrange for a new board to be sent to you at our costs.
Q: Does the hand-made building process affect the quality of the board. How am I guaranteed to receive a proven shape ?
A: Whilst we still offer the full custom option for clients wishing to purchase a very specific type of board, our 2004 range is based on well proven and tested shapes. Carbon Art uses 3 D CAD programs and full size vacuum tables ensuring 100 % accuracy in shape and rocker line of each board.  See also Construction



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