Carbon Art

Carbon Art boards are designed to take your windsurfing performance to the highest level. Our boards feature the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market, and a leading edge in each of the four key performance criteria:

Of course, it's not all about theory - performance testing also forms a critical part of the design process. The wind and waves of Maui and Taranaki, on the west coast of New Zealand , create some of the best testing conditions for windsurfing boards anywhere in the world.

Carbon Art's structured on-water testing programme feeds straight back into our design office, where we incorporate the results into our board refinement processes. What we're searching for is a perfectly balanced shape that yields extraordinary results: even 0.1mm makes a difference at this level.

The result of Carbon Art's intensive design and testing processes is that all four of our current models feature the best performance-driven design of any windsurfing board currently on the market.

If you have any questions about the design of our boards, please email us.


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