Carbon Art offers you the possibility to choose the colours and graphics for your new board from our standard selection or to get a fully customized look. All graphics are now available on all Carbon Art series.

- No surcharge for any of the below standard graphics. You may choose colour combos.
- Special custom graphics are charged at NZD 40.00 per hour. *

*   (Please provide drawings, computer prints etc. to make sure we know what you want.  Also, we will match any colour samples you provide.)

These are our most popular standard graphics. We are continuously adding new graphic schemes to our selection. If you have a specific wish for custom graphics, give us a call ! 

Ccode_swell Ccode_flow Ccode_concept Ccode_starwars Ccode_tech Ccode_jet

Not displayed, but also standard graphic:   Any UNI colour board.

Custom graphics:
We can do specific custom graphics for you, like the example below. Please enquire. 

Wave 8'0 custom graphics

Freestyle Extreme custom graphics


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