Carbon Art

Carbon Art WAVE SC (Single Concave) Board

Carbon Art has developed a board specifically for riding in extreme conditions such as Maui , Western Australia and Taranaki. The Single Concave Wave Board ( Wave SC ) is designed to give you maximum opportunity on the wave, with a state-of-the-art single concave bottom shape for planing speed, dynamic turning and acceleration out of turns.

Our Single Concave Wave Boards have been tested and ridden in Taranaki and Oahu , as the weapon of choice for down-the-line wave riding. If you're looking for a board that's guaranteed to perform in classic down-the-line wave sailing locations, check out the Carbon Art's Wave SC.

Your Extreme Wave Riding Needs

Our Wave SC Board Design

Fast turning capability

State of the art single concave bottom shape producing the best combination of straight water flow for planing and speed and increased rail line rocker for dynamic turning and acceleration out of turns

Accelerating tail rocker (25mm more tail rocker than the Wave) giving the sailor maximum opportunities on the wave

Increased rail line rocker

Maximum control

Lifted rail apex lets you change direction without catching the rail

Increased holding power from the concave bottom shape and rail angle combination

Light-weight strength

Unique Carbon Art design and construction