Carbon Art

Carbon Art WAVE Board

Carbon Art's Wave Boards achieve the perfect balance of factors that are essential for wave sailing performance. Strong but light, fast but responsive, versatile yet incredibly easy to control - this is the board that will deliver the most exhilarating and satisfying wave riding experiences you've ever had.

Our Wave Boards are designed, tested and hand-built in the wave mecca of Taranaki, on the west coast of New Zealand . The demanding riding conditions here ensure that our boards out-perform the rest everywhere in the world - from Gnarloo to Maui to the North Sea.

Your Wave Riding Needs

Our Wave Board Design

Light-weight strength

Unique Carbon Art design and construction

Board maneuverability

Outline curve and rail shape matched to rocker / vee

Speed across the water

Very subtle radius-type rocker with minimum tail rocker

Control under power

Tapered Rail profile for turn initiation and positive weight transfer during exit

Maximum vee at the front foot straightens the rail line and encourages front foot drive

Versatility in different sailing conditions

Short design for snappy, compact onshore sailing

Clean rocker line with enough nose lift to hold a good line in high winds and big waves