Carbon Art

Carbon Art SPEED Board

The Speed range is dedicated to going flat out fast. To push the speed envelope in real world conditions you need maximum control, full concentration, and a board that doesn't distract you from finding your line. To achieve this, the boards are designed to trim like a plane on autopilot. Leaving the rider to focus on the wind and chop ahead- perfectly suited for both real-world GPS speedsailing and videotimed record attempts.

The Carbon Art SPEED range was designed and tested by Chris Lockwood in windy Western Australia, and proven at the world-class speed venues of Sandy Pt and Walvis Bay. With unrivalled versatility, the designs excel in the small rolling chop found in real-world speed conditions where other designs are struggling for control, and maintain uncompromised performance in record-breaking conditions.

Speed Requirements

Carbon Art Speed Design

Speed - unlimited top end

Computer generated shapes for optimum smoothness of all lines. Rocker, outline and vee designed together to optimise the working trim angles, and minimise rail wetting up front in chop.

Carbon Art's manufacturing techniques and materials ensure that the board is as light as it can possibly be without sacrificing strength

Maximum control
at speed

Tapered Parallel outline maintains a smooth and free ride through chop when combined with flatter overall rocker, providing a stable platform that doesn't bounce around when the conditions get tough. Thinned back foot area keeps you closer to the fin, which gives you more direct control and reduces back leg movement in chop.

Versatile and easy to get going

Volume centred further forward for maximum sub-planing stability and easy waterstarting. Thicker rails help to produce more buoyancy for the volume of the board than conventional shapes. Gybing is tight and fast due to the pin tail and V distribution. Flatter rocker gets the board planing fast, and makes it easy to sail upwind. All of these features save energy so you spend more time going fast and less time taking a breath on the beach!