Carbon Art

Carbon Art SLALOM Board

The Slalom is all about speed and precision. Here you need the ultimate performance board - one that really lets you concentrate on your sailing, the oncoming chop, the wind gusts, or which path to take - for a World Cup winning performance.

Carbon Art Slalom Boards are designed and tested to world-class standard by Phil McGain, in the demanding waters of Maui. This is the board that will give you the edge to be the very best you can be. Not only are they the fastest boards on the water, but they're easy to sail too.

Your Racing Needs

Our Slalom Board Design

Speed - as much as you can get

Clean, fair curves creating absolute minimal resistance

Carbon Art's manufacturing techniques and materials ensure that the board is as light as it can possibly be without sacrificing strength

Maximum control
at speed

Tapered outline provides nose down trim, allowing you to keep power on at all times

Optimum gybing ability

Hard-edged high apex rails allow a clean release and just enough tuck to encourage the water flow around the rails during gybes