Carbon Art

Carbon Art CROSSRIDE Board

Are you looking for a versatile board that performs across disciplines and in a range of conditions? Carbon Art has developed a maximum-versatility board that's still all about performance - a board that has been clocked at 37kts in open water!

Whether you're carving a high-speed turn on flat water or throwing about in small surf, the Carbon Art Crossride Board offers a world-class riding experience.

Your Multiple Condition Needs

Our Crossride Board Design

Effortless Performance

A hybrid design combining everything we have learnt from the Slalom and Wave designs over the last 10 years, giving you the best of both worlds without the restriction of some of the more specialized designs

Speed with maximum control

Slalom derived rocker lines with extra nose lift to cope with rough water

Spiral vee and a narrower tail than most in it's class, providing a solid platform ideal for a number of conditions

Board maneuverability

Full nose curve leading into the perfect amount of outline curve around the front foot, and a rail shape that takes advantage of this

Light-weight strength

Unique Carbon Art design and construction

Carbon Art

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