Carbon Art

Carbon Art is all about boards that enable you to be the very best you can be. The company is based on our passion for Windsurfing, our commitment to performance and our pursuit of the ultimate sailing experience.

James Dinnis at Pungarehu Rd, Taranaki, New Zealand

Our values

The New Zealand story

New Zealand is a nation descended from sailors. The indigenous Maori people were great sailors and builders of waka, or canoes, and later European immigrants sailed around the world to their new home.

Today New Zealand is a centre of excellence for the maritime construction industry, and New Zealand sailors are routinely successful in the world's most prestigious regattas.

Our Founder

James Dinnis is one of the most recognised board shapers worldwide, as well as being one of New Zealand 's best wave sailors and a course racing specialist.

James has lived beside and sailed on the famous waves of New Zealand for the last 20 years, except for 3 years when he based himself on Maui shaping and building boards for some of the leading world cup sailors.

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